Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano is a dancer, poet and loves to sing within an ensemble.  She received her Masters in Dance from UCLA.*After graduating she went on to teach, choreograph and form her own dance company. As a poet she has produced three books of Tanka poetry available on Amazon.Com and currently is a columnist for the Rafu Shimpo. This is her debut in singing.


Zhan Wang

Zhan Wang has worked in Film, TV and Theater. He was born in China, after completed his master's degree in Acting from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, he has worked extensively as dramaturge and teacher in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei. Now moved to Los Angeles, he is currently a member of Anthony Meindl's Actors Workshop. He is also an American Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and teacher of Mandarin. 

Julia Lisa

Julia Lisa has always seen theater as a platform for creating change and compassion. Since the age of 10 Julia has been an unintended Artivist, performing at the U.N., and around New York and Toronto promoting peace, health, and environmental issues.  She has been unable to stay away from theater, and got her BA at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Julia has worked on countless productions with CAC Studios, including, Thenardier's Inn, ChicabaRENT, and Project Mayhem, she just finished an internship at Theatricum Botanicum, and she has directed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Broadway Noir, but she has never been more excited for a project as she is for Letters to Eve.  The political climate today shows flickers of a scary future, we need to evaluate the past to help us make informed decisions for the sake of humanity.  Thank you for coming out to be a part of the movement!  She would also like to thank her ever supporting family! 


instagram @rulerjuler